Diet and Nutrition


Toddler lunch

  • Posted on Aug 8, 2018

  I’m saddened and relieved by sending my toddler to school this fall. We played this crazy juggle game with family (thank you Nana and Grammy), friends, and a church intern for the past 16+

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The Chilean government does not mess around

  • Posted on Apr 24, 2018

Chili has the most overweight men in the southern continent and the government made a decision to address the problem. Since 2012, Chili has implemented ambitious policies designed to change the food culture. What is

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Another diet?

  • Posted on Apr 23, 2018

In the weight loss world, there is an endless cycle of diets that are touted to help you reach your goals. In the medical world, it seems there are diets to reach other goals. The

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Link between diet and cancer

  • Posted on Feb 22, 2018

Question: When does 10=11? Answer: When you have a diet made up of 10% highly processed foods like packaged baked goods, snacks and frozen meals…your cancer risk goes up by 11%. The British Medical Journal

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Feeling tired? What are some things that are zapping your energy?

  • Posted on Feb 21, 2018

  Over the next month I am going to be writing about different topics that “zap” or drain our energy on a routine basis. This can be applied to both your life (as parents) and

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When can we transition from breast or formula to milk?

  • Posted on Dec 4, 2017

Infants younger than 1 year old need the nutrients in breast milk or formula. Breastfed babies over 1 year may continue to nurse if desired, but this is the time when you can switch to whole

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Eating your veggies benefits your health

  • Posted on Nov 22, 2017

There is tons of scientific evidence supporting a diet high in fresh, fibrous plant based foods. Study after study shows that eating plenty of veggies reduces the risk of disease – everything from diabetes, to

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