Over the next month I am going to be writing about different topics that “zap” or drain our energy on a routine basis. This can be applied to both your life (as parents) and your child(s) life as well 😉 *Sugar and Carbs Studies show time and time again that proper nutrition can fuel our bodies well, where poor nutrition – full of sugar and processed carbs can drain our energy. We’ve all heard and probably felt that “sugar-crash” after a soda or cookie binge. Sugary carb-dense foods gives your body a brief “hit” of energy/fuel, but flames out quickly, leaving you hungry for more. PROTEIN is where you will get sustained energy from, when it comes to food. As an adult, you ideally want 30 grams of protein with every meal to extend your energy delivery curve and help you stay focused until your next meal. You can make small energy deposits throughout the day by snacking on raw nuts, a hard boiled egg, or some beef jerky.

Topics to come: multitasking, clutter, and a long to-do list

Sarah Caudle, PA-C