Question: When does 10=11?

Answer: When you have a diet made up of 10% highly processed foods like packaged baked goods, snacks and frozen meals…your cancer risk goes up by 11%.

The British Medical Journal studied more than 100,000 participants and confirmed worries that our diet may be driving up the rates of cancer in the next decade.  On the other end of the spectrum, diets rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and fish were associated with an overall decreased risk of cancer. More studies need to be done to prove the relationship…but I’m already a believer.

Beside having ‘empty calories’ with few vitamins and minerals, processed foods may contain contaminants that have carcinogenic properties. Acrylamide, for instance, can be found in processed fried potatoes, biscuits and bread. An association with kidney and uterine cancer was found with this agent. (Note to self: no more saving time with the frozen hash browns).

There has been divided thoughts about the research.  There are some doubters of the study. They point out that people that eat highly processed foods likely do other things that increase their risk…over eating, smoking or drinking alcohol.

Tam Fry, as spokesman for the National Obesity Forum supported the study. “A lot of research has limitations and the scientists are honest enough to acknowledge that there needs more work to be conclusive. But there is not smoke without fire…”

This information was derived from an article titled : Highly Processed Foods may Raise overall Cancer Risk by Kristin Jenkins. Article in Medscape 2/15/18

Dr.Badaracco, MD