Toddler lunch

  • Posted on Aug 8, 2018

  I’m saddened and relieved by sending my toddler to school this fall. We played this crazy juggle game with family (thank you Nana and Grammy), friends, and a church intern for the past 16+ months to help take care of Cooper while my husband and I worked full-time. I have realized that the mental strain and stress of managing this crazy schedule where everyday was different has put a huge toll on my mental capacity. There were many days/times where I was scrambling to find childcare last minute due to an illness or trip conflicting with our “normal” crazy routine. So we decided to simplify and put him in school/daycare.

However, now that he is starting school I have to give up control, which is a blessing and a curse. I am not the happiest about my child’s school lunch and snack offerings, even though I can see they are trying, and it could be worse. So I will be packing some of my own items and telling them that he can’t have juice, go-gurt, smore’s mix, etc. I wanted to let all my mama friends know that it is okay to advocate for your child’s health and that means helping chose what he/she can or can’t eat and drink. And to all you mama’s that pack your child’s lunch, have fun with it and get creative – Pinterest has a lot of great ideas. And make sure your child has a fruit and vegetable in their lunch!

Sarah Caudle, PA-C

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