4 Immune Boosting Tips

A recent integrative medicine article I read spoke about these 4 ways to help boost your  immune system. These are simple things you and your kids can do to help stay healthy this summer! Get adequate SLEEP- Sleep has a significant affect on how well the immune system functions. A persistent lack of sleep has […]

Diarrhea, what to feed your kid?

For decades, doctors have recommended that adults and children suffering from diarrhea resort to the BRAT diet while recovering. BRAT is an acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, a bland diet of easy-to-digest food. Now, doctors have moved away from that recommendation. Why is that and what do they recommend instead? The AAP, American […]

Pouch Problems

Those of you with little’s have quickly notice that most of the jarred baby food have been replaced by pouches in the grocery store. Now don’t get me wrong, when in a rush or on the go, the pouches are convenient less messy option. And certainly more nutritious than goldfish or some other pre-packaged snack. […]

The Curse of Sweet Drinks

Diet drinks aren’t saving kids any calories. In a recent study of 7,000 children, researchers found no difference in total daily calorie intake between kids that drink low-calorie beverages (such as diet sodas) and the ones who drink full sugar versions. The diet drinkers make up those calories someplace else. KIDS who drink WATER take […]

Pediatric Supplements

Are dietary supplements safe to give to my children? Are there natural supplements to use in place of the ADD medications? What supplements can I use to boost my child’s immune system? These are some of the questions I am asked these questions on a daily basis. First, the dietary supplements are not considered medications.  […]


Many toddlers and preschoolers are good company at mealtime, while other’s throw their biggest temper tantrums and food on the floor, so be patient and take each day at a time! It is common for 2- to 5-year-olds to develop (seemingly overnight) specific food preferences. In some cases, they’ll eat only yellow foods or foods […]

Baby food

  I had all the intentions to make Cooper’s baby food from the start, and I did a little, but found that I barely had the time! When looking at baby foods to buy, I really struggled finding healthy “Paleoish” options for my son. So many baby foods are carb dense and full of sugar, […]