Common Pediatric Parasomnias

Having a 2.5 year old I have now been able to experience some of these sleep parasomnias first hand. Sadly they can be scary and not fun to see your child go through, but are thankfully temporary. The most important thing to do when your child has one of these episodes is to ensure safety! […]

Are You Ready for some Football?

If your child is under the age of 12, the answer might be NO.  A study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry showed that playing football under the age of 12 was associated with 2 times greater problems with emotion, apathy and executive function (decision making).  Even worse, there were 3 times greater odds for […]

Get outside for your eyes.

  Get outside for your eyes.  And for the rest of your brain as well.  Studies are showing significant decrease in the need for eye correction in children who have increased outdoor time.  Sunlight increases the hormone dopamine in the brain.  This helps prevent the eye from distorting out of proportion!  AND it helps the mind […]

Exercise for Autism?

  A study was presented at the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy’s Association Section on Pediatrics at the 2016 conference on exercise programs for children with autism. The lead researcher, Susan Ronan DPT,PCS, said that a 4 month program led to significant improvements in scores on social responsiveness and physical endurance.    Children with autism […]

Infant Reflux

Infant reflux is a normal thing for the majority of infants.  Spitting infants are a normal part of day to day life.  The spitting tends to increase around 2 weeks of age as the baby generally starts taking more volume with a growth spurt.  This stretches the little stomach and the stomach acts like a […]

Preventing Hearing Loss

When I think of hearing loss, I typically think of an elderly neighbor of mine that wears hearing aids. It has been only recently that we have been hearing more about hearing loss in teenagers. Preventable hearing loss. Hearing loss from noise can be from sudden loud noises like an explosion or it can be […]

Stand up Straight

We are seeing more and more middle school and high school kids with rounded shoulders. I am sure you remember your mom telling you to stand up straight! Standing up straight is great! It aligns the spine and lets the spine do what it is supposed to do by supporting all of our muscles. If […]