Infant reflux is a normal thing for the majority of infants.  Spitting infants are a normal part of day to day life.  The spitting tends to increase around 2 weeks of age as the baby generally dadstarts taking more volume with a growth spurt.  This stretches the little stomach and the stomach acts like a water balloon that hasn’t been tied off, up it comes, squirt.  This also makes the baby uncomfortable (like after a big Thanksgiving meal that you can’t believe you just consumed!)  It is important to let your baby take what he needs even if he is spitting.  This allows the stomach to stretch so he can accommodate more volume and grow!  The grunting and groaning after a meal during a growth spurt is also typical.  This takes about 2 weeks for the tummy to accommodate.  Generally, the 2 to 6 week growth spurt seems to be the most symptomatic.  Other growth spurts are better tolerated.

Talk with your doctor if you are worried that your baby is spitting too much or projecting his spit-up across the room.  Also if the grunting and groaning lasts a long time after eating, then let your doctor know.

This time is when parents should not wear nice clothes!