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Conger’s Corner: Unicorn Foods

  • Posted on May 11, 2017

Starbucks has introduced a Unicorn Frappuccino.  It has 78 grams of sugar, which equals almost 20 teaspoons of sugar! The unicorn food trend started because a mother wanted to show that healthy food can be

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Good and bad news

  • Posted on May 9, 2017

Toddlers are still not eating their vegetables. In a recent study 9 of 10 toddlers consume a little fruit or vegetable daily…but the most common vegetable was potatoes. That’s right, French fries! How can we

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“Read me another story!”

  • Posted on May 4, 2017

  Getting your toddler in bed can be a challenge and a nightly fight.  Going to bed ends play time and separates her from you!  So resistance is not unexpected.  Having a calm bedtime routine

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Did you look both ways?

  • Posted on May 2, 2017

  At what age do you think it is safe for a child to cross the street? Would you have guessed 14? I sure didn’t!  A new study showed that crossing a street is a

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