General healthy nutrition guidelines for toddlers and young children

Meals should start within 15 minutes and for a toddler be done within 25 minutes-if not remove the food. Allow an interval of 2-3 hours with no eating (except water) to help promote a healthy hunger/feed cycle Do not try to compensate “poor intake” with snacks and Cheerios Don’t focus/worry about the last feeding.  Focus on the next feeding! […]

Conger’s Corner: Unicorn Foods

Starbucks has introduced a Unicorn Frappuccino.  It has 78 grams of sugar, which equals almost 20 teaspoons of sugar! The unicorn food trend started because a mother wanted to show that healthy food can be fun and exciting without sugar.  She took foods and ‘frosted’ them with cream cheese and almond milk that she tinted […]

Good and bad news

Toddlers are still not eating their vegetables. In a recent study 9 of 10 toddlers consume a little fruit or vegetable daily…but the most common vegetable was potatoes. That’s right, French fries! How can we improve? Keep trying. It takes some infants 15 times before they are willing to eat a green vegetable. Remember “Green […]

“Read me another story!”

  Getting your toddler in bed can be a challenge and a nightly fight.  Going to bed ends play time and separates her from you!  So resistance is not unexpected.  Having a calm bedtime routine works best.  Make sure that bedtime is the same time every night.  Be aware that most toddlers’ natural bedtime is […]

Did you look both ways?

  At what age do you think it is safe for a child to cross the street? Would you have guessed 14? I sure didn’t!  A new study showed that crossing a street is a pretty complex skill and not all kids were successful at doing it safely. In 2014, there were 207 deaths involving […]