Getting your toddler in bed can be a challenge and a nightly fight.  Going to bed ends play time and separates her from you!  So resistance is not unexpected.  Having a calm bedtime routine works best.  Make sure that bedtime is the same time every night.  Be aware that most toddlers’ natural bedtime is around 6 to 8 pm.  When schedules from work or sibling’s sports interfere with that natural bedtime then your toddler gets an adrenaline surge, YIKES.  Watch when she actually looks sleepy in a non-eventful evening.  That time is most likely her natural bedtime.  Avoid naps past 4 pm even in the car seat.  Generally, most 4-year Old’s do not need a nap at all.  Using a “monster spray” (a spray bottle with lavender oil) or a “magic flashlight” to scare away the shadows and calm the separation anxiety works well.  If she calls out wait a few seconds before responding, use a calm reassuring voice.  If she gets out of bed, then calmly walk her back to her bed without talking as many times as it takes.  Use a calendar with stickers or a paper token to reward when she stays in bed.  As you persist in a calm manner she will get the message, “Resistance is futile!”