Toddlers are still not eating their vegetables. In a recent study 9 of 10 toddlers consume a little fruit or vegetable daily…but the most common vegetable was potatoes. That’s right, French fries!
How can we improve?
Keep trying. It takes some infants 15 times before they are willing to eat a green vegetable. Remember “Green Eggs and Ham” …keep trying! It matters. If we can expand our infant’s diet now, we have a better chance at improving their eating habits later in life. That means you may be improving your child’s health…when they are an adult!
There is good news in other areas. There has been a notable reduction in fruit juices for babies. We typically recommend fruit juice only when helping with constipation or if your other choice is a carbonated soda! Otherwise, stay away from juices and encourage milk or water instead.
-Dr Badaracco