1. Meals should start within 15 minutes and for a toddler be done within 25 minutes-if not remove the food.
  2. Allow an interval of 2-3 hours with no eating (except water) to help promote a healthy hunger/feed cycle
  3. Do not try to compensate “poor intake” with snacks and Cheerios
  4. Don’t focus/worry about the last feeding.  Focus on the next feeding!
  5. Healthy toddlers should be allowed three meals and two snacks with nothing in between.
  6. Systematically introduce new foods-don’t push them but have them on the plate-generally starting with a helping about the size of the toddler’s fist.
  7. Separate foods on their plate since young children often don’t like foods touching one another.
  8. Emphasize anchor foods that are whole and nutrient dense instead of processed and fast foods.
  9. Assure foods with adequate protein and veggies and don’t forget the water.

-Leigh Gistinger, CPNP