What’s up with the tummy? Heartburn and reflux are common ailments in all age groups. Generally, symptoms range from an awful tasting burp to an intense burning pain. Pregnant moms can attest that this is no fun. Treatments range from Tums to PPIs (protein pump inhibitors with brand names of Prevacid, Nexium and Prilosec to […]

Social Media

Parents are becoming savvier regarding Facebook and Internet and all of the other social media. So just to keep us up to date and like I always say…monitor your kid’s social media. Learn about the sites they are going to and what they mean. The sites they visit are not always bad. However, if you […]

Sugar Intake

How much sugar should we consume? What kind of sugar is good? These questions are a hot topic today. The average daily consumption of sugar by Americans tends toward a whopping 150 to 300 grams! What does that mean? Well, sugar (brown or white), honey, or syrup are all 4 grams per teaspoon. However, a […]

Contact Lense Safety

NO! NO! Don’t rinse your eye contacts with tap water and then stick it back in your eye! I am watching a teen jump up and I wonder why…he pulls his contact out of his eye, rinse it at the sink and then sticks it back in his eye. I was speechless…tap water, no matter […]

Stand up Straight

We are seeing more and more middle school and high school kids with rounded shoulders. I am sure you remember your mom telling you to stand up straight! Standing up straight is great! It aligns the spine and lets the spine do what it is supposed to do by supporting all of our muscles. If […]

Be Happy

How we teach our children to be happy! Learning to be happy takes practice… just like soccer or anything else your child wants to do. We have our kids practice many things: how to tie their shoes, learn a new language or play a violin. I came across this in a book I am reading […]

Grandparents Spoil

Grandparents! Quit feeding your grandchildren junk food! I have been counseling my parents (your children) about what to feed their kids. Your kids and your grandkids need your support. Parents must start as early as birth to provide good nutrition. The major points that should be in every child’s diet is to avoid sugar, sodas […]