You PEED in the POTTY! Yea!!!

You PEED in the POTTY! Yea!!! That is THE ultimate moment of parenthood. Yes, you love when your infant says ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ or when they take their first step. But peeing in the toilet…goodness, that tops them all. And so what do we do when this happens? We FREAK OUT with praise, we call […]

Food Allergy Update: You may Reconsider when to Introduce Certain Foods

Food Allergy Update: You may Reconsider when to Introduce Certain Foods Infants who get a taste of eggs and peanuts starting when they’re as young as 4 months old may have a lower risk of developing allergies to those foods than babies who try them later, a research review suggests. With eggs, giving babies that […]

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Sports Injuries

– Take time off. Plan to have at least 1 day off per week and at least one month off per year from training for a particular sport to allow the body to recover. – Wear the right gear. Players should wear appropriate and properly fit protective equipment such as pads (neck, shoulder, elbow, chest, […]

Preventing Hearing Loss

When I think of hearing loss, I typically think of an elderly neighbor of mine that wears hearing aids. It has been only recently that we have been hearing more about hearing loss in teenagers. Preventable hearing loss. Hearing loss from noise can be from sudden loud noises like an explosion or it can be […]

Kids First Pediatrics

Are you cultivating a fixed mindset or growth mindset in your child? Researchers conducted a survey of parents of school aged children to see how they show value to academic performance.. The majority of parents thought it was necessary to praise their children’s intelligence in order to give them confidence in their abilities and motivate […]

Don’t be late, vaccinate!

Why you DON’T want the measles infection. Yes we have all heard about the chicken pox parties where parents will take their children to get infected so they will be immune, so why not just get the vaccine instead? However, I digress. Whatever you do, do NOT attend a measles party! Getting measles will give […]


Sadly, FLUMIST (the flu nasal vaccine) has not been up to snuff this last year!  The CDC monitors our vaccines every year.  Although we have had great results from past years, FLUMIST did not meet flu vaccine standards this past flu season. The CDC is working on a solution for future Flumist vaccines. We care about […]