vacinateWhy you DON’T want the measles infection. Yes we have all heard about the chicken pox parties where parents will take their children to get infected so they will be immune, so why not just get the vaccine instead? However, I digress. Whatever you do, do NOT attend a measles party!

Getting measles will give you immunity to measles but it is a potent immune reaction. It is so potent that it makes the immune system remember only the measles virus and leaves the child susceptible to other infections for about 2 to 3 years.

The immune system then recovers, but for many months after, the cells that repopulate the system are almost all effective only against the measles virus. You will never get measles again, but you are temporarily left susceptible to other diseases. These diseases can create havoc and death.

The measles vaccine provides immunity, too, but in a way different from measles infection. The attenuated live vaccine does not reduce the number of B and T lymphocytes like the real virus does, therefore, their ability to fight other diseases is preserved.
Don’t be late, vaccinate!

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