Grandparents Spoil

  • Posted on Sep 14, 2016

grandparentGrandparents! Quit feeding your grandchildren junk food! I have been counseling my parents (your children) about what to feed their kids. Your kids and your grandkids need your support. Parents must start as early as birth to provide good nutrition. The major points that should be in every child’s diet is to avoid sugar, sodas and processed foods (anything in a package) and think outside the box for snacks.

Snacks should be fruits and veggies (think whole foods) as a go to routine. Yes, there are other good choices but if we start from infancy, then the fruit and veggie snack habit will be ingrained. There are so many yummy ways to have great food that is healthy for your grandchildren. Your support will give our future generation that extra needed boost to resist the ever present junk food that is found everywhere. Does that mean you can’t spoil your Grandchildren? Of course you can! Absolutely! You’ve earned it. Give themtoys, take them places, let them sleep with you, play games and have fun. If every once in a while your adventures take you to the chocolate factory…ok go for it! However, picking a strawberry from a strawberry patch is just as exciting!

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