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  • Posted on Sep 14, 2016

new-social-mediaParents are becoming savvier regarding Facebook and Internet and all of the other social media. So just to keep us up to date and like I always say…monitor your kid’s social media. Learn about the sites they are going to and what they mean. The sites they visit are not always bad.

However, if you detect an issue then early intervention is my going theme. I am a member of WATCH in Denton County. The main purpose is to catch a child or teen early and to be aware and seek help prior to the crash. Pediatricians do this all of the time. Your toddler doesn’t talk! Let’s do speech therapy. You are anemic but have no symptoms? We also are very conscience of trying to find ways to detect mood and other mental health disorders.

On Twitter at #MySecretFamily, there are code words to discuss your mental issues. A person will Twitter #MySecretFamily and talk about their mental illness. They will use names instead of the actual condition. For example, Anxiety code word is Annie for girls and Max for boys. For eating disorders, the posts will have Ellie for girls and Ed for boys. You can even Google #MySecretFamily and find a list of code words commonly used. If you are monitoring your child’s social network, then check out the Twitter feed.

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