Feeling tired? What are some things that are zapping your energy?

*Multitasking I recently read a book called Essentialism and it really opened my eyes to how little gets done when you are trying to do/accomplish multiple things at once. I am guilty of this, I feel like my brain is spaghetti sometimes and I am trying to do too much at once, when I could […]

Link between diet and cancer

Question: When does 10=11? Answer: When you have a diet made up of 10% highly processed foods like packaged baked goods, snacks and frozen meals…your cancer risk goes up by 11%. The British Medical Journal studied more than 100,000 participants and confirmed worries that our diet may be driving up the rates of cancer in […]

Feeling tired? What are some things that are zapping your energy?

  Over the next month I am going to be writing about different topics that “zap” or drain our energy on a routine basis. This can be applied to both your life (as parents) and your child(s) life as well 😉 *Sugar and Carbs Studies show time and time again that proper nutrition can fuel […]

Questions to ask your kids

So – our kids go off to school in the morning,  we pick them up at the end of the day and ask “How was your day”? If they are like my kids, you get the standard answer of “good” or “fine”. End of conversation! I can across this list of questions that can help […]

Growing your Child’s Attention

Exercise is more important for children with ADHD than it is for other kids, although I think it’s important for EVERYONE! Exercise and fitness have positive side-effects of protecting your child from serious health problems (like obesity and diabetes), improving the health of skin, muscle, bone, and improving coordination, while advancing brain growth in systems […]

More than just teenage moodiness?

A new study on teenager’s mood shows a sharp drop as cell phones became more common place. In a survey of 8, 10 and 12 graders, when smartphone ownership rose to 50%, teens reported lowered self-esteem, life satisfaction and happiness. The more hours spent on the internet, social media, texting, gaming and chatting…the higher rise […]

Action Steps for Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep may be the most important tool nature uses to grow a child’s brain. During sleep the brain makes new connections, stores memories, and repairs cells. There is even something called sleep-dependent learning, which means that a person consolidates learning as he/she sleeps. Sleep is an essential part of wiring the brain and learning. Here […]