Is this flu shot working?

It’s too early to know how effective this year’s vaccine is. Early reports said it was only 10% effective but more recent reports are more promising. In Pediatric News, an author (Kristina Bryant MD) published her friend’s Facebook summary of how she felt… “Rough night. I’m seconds away from a meltdown. My body aches so […]

I need help

They told me that he didn’t bother to stop at the front desk.  He barreled through the door to the back office and stood with a tiny bundle in his hands.  “I need help…my baby’s not breathing right.” A medical assistant pointed toward the exam room and he flew in that direction.  They pulled me from another […]

Preventing germ spread at the doctor’s office

Pediatricians are notorious germaphobes. When I sat down for lunch with a pediatrician whom I hadn’t seen for years, we greeted each other by simultaneously offering each other hand sanitizer. The last thing we pediatricians want is for your child to pick up a new germ in our office. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) […]

7 Tips to Eat More Veggies

It’s the new year! Is one of your resolutions to eat more veggies? If not, it should be! And here are some tips to help! 1. Eat vegetables with every meal. Yes, even breakfast. 2. Gradually increase your serving size of vegetables. This helps your gut microbiota adjust to higher fiber intake, which makes it […]

Did you know?

In 2011 Dr Bob Mendonsa and his wife Julie started an orphanage in Kenya. Dr Mendonsa was one of the orthopedic specialists that we used to refer to…he worked at Orthopedic Associates. This couple, from our own community, has gone to the other side of the world, settled down and built a village.  They care […]