In 2011 Dr Bob Mendonsa and his wife Julie started an orphanage in Kenya. Dr Mendonsa was one of the orthopedic specialists that we used to refer to…he worked at Orthopedic Associates. This couple, from our own community, has gone to the other side of the world, settled down and built a village.  They care for 81 children who have arrived from various backgrounds. Some children are survivors of disasters, others had parents die of AIDS and some were abused. One heart wrenching story is of a child rescued from a toilet.

Eight one children is a lot of children but there are over 60 million orphans in Africa. In Kenya, the amount of orphans exceeds the population of Dallas-Ft Worth.

Years ago, Kids First made the decision to adopt one of the orphans at Naomi’s Place. It was difficult deciding who to pick…until we had a sign. Part of our sponsored child’s description included what she wanted to be when she grows up…A doctor!

Please go to their website and consider donating or better yet, sponsoring a child.