Exercise is good

   We all know it but it seems researchers spend a lot of time proving it.  The American Journal of Physiology had an study comparing exercisers who were generally active versus those that were generally inactive. It turns out that the solitary workouts did little to decrease an individuals risk of heart disease, no matter how […]

Light Exposure and it’s Affects on Sleep

                Exposure to light and dark is a critical component of circadian rhythm and health. Bright natural light during the day helps regulate melatonin production. Stimulating blue-wavelength light, which is strongest in the mornings, has the most powerful effect on the circadian cycle. So having an early wake time and exposure to morning light is […]

How long will this cold last?!

 Colds are caused by a virus. There are actually hundreds of viruses that can cause a cold, although most of these viruses present with similar symptoms. Cold symptoms may differ between individuals, but they typically occur about 1-3 days after exposure to a cold. Here is a general timeline for what to expect: Days 1-2: […]

Myth or Fact??

Myth: Influenza Is a Harmless Illness, so Vaccination Is Unnecessary Although influenza is commonly considered to be a mild illness, this is certainly not always the case. Influenza can be a large threat to public health, with three pandemics and millions of deaths from influenza in the 20th century. During the last pandemic period of […]

Conger’s Corner: Teens and driving

   Please put down the cell phone!  Distraction while driving is a problem for all drivers but especially for kids who are just learning to drive.  Start teaching your child about driving safe long before they are teens.  As you can imagine, if your teen is just learning a skill, whether it is piano, soccer, […]

FEVER: what’s hot, what’s not, and what to do about it?

Parents ask us about fever all the time so here is what every parent needs to know: Fever is a sign of illness. Your body makes a fever in effort to heat up and kill germs without harming your body. Here is what fever is NOT: Fever is NOT an illness or disease. Fever does […]

Are essential oils safe?

  We have a lot of mothers that use essential oils for numerous different ailments. Until recently, we had no idea if they were safe or effective. Over time we are seeing more studies and we are making discoveries ourselves. Lavender oil, for instance, has been helpful in helping children relax for sleep. I usually […]