How long will this cold last?!

  • Posted on Jan 9, 2017
15871793_10158123198985217_2768779348681647759_n Colds are caused by a virus. There are actually hundreds of viruses that can cause a cold, although most of these viruses present with similar symptoms. Cold symptoms may differ between individuals, but they typically occur about 1-3 days after exposure to a cold.
Here is a general timeline for what to expect:
Days 1-2: slowly start to feel a sore throat (which can be pretty painful), sneezing and fatigue. As the day goes on, symptoms progress.
D 3-5: Nasal symptoms including both congestion and runny nose occur. The congestion becomes thicker and may be yellow or greenish – this does not mean infection. A cough may start at this time due to post-nasal drip and this cough may linger after the rest of the symptoms resolve.
D 6-10: drainage may go back to clear and symptoms begin to resolve. Most colds resolve in 7-10 days but some may linger. It is also common to have a mild fever and feel achey during a cold.

What can I do to help feel better?
Drink plenty of fluids. Rest if possible. Saline irrigation or saline drops in nose to help clear congestion. Sitting in a steamy bathroom will help loosen the congestion.

When to call the office.
Symptoms not resolving or worsening after 10 days.
Difficulty breathing.
High fever that does not respond to ibuprofen or respike in fever at end of cold.
Chest or stomach pain.
Inability to keep liquids down.
Ear pain.

As alway – you can call our office for any other concerns!

-Missy Nicholson CPNP


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