Smoking Age

We should really listen to our children sometimes. Nearly 2/3 of teenagers support raising the age to buy cigarettes to age 21. Most of the research around tobacco is with adults, perhaps we should look at our children and see what we can do to influence their decision to smoke in the first place. I […]

Pool Safety

We all know the “typical” pool rules: no swimming without a grown-up, no running around the pool, and no diving in the shallow end. But here are some more pool rules to keep in mind this summer: How well does your child swim? Pool safety starts before your child ever gets into the water and […]

Conger’s Corner: Screen Time

Not talking yet?  What?  Your adorable bundle of smartness who is excelling in all areas is not using language yet?  Interestingly, handheld screen time is linked to expressive speech delays according to new research from the Pediatric Academic Societies.  The study shows that by 18 month, 20% of children had daily average handheld device use […]

How to Treat a Sunburn

Now that it’s getting hotter – don’t fall for the, “Mom, I’m good,” trick and let your kids go without sunscreen. But in case your kids do get a sunburn, here’s what to do. Remember, a sunburn is still a burn, as you can see in the picture above, which shows a kid with a […]

Prevent heat related stroke

It’s finally starting to feel like summer and these warmer days call for a reminder about the danger of vehicle-related heatstroke. The most recent data lists heatstroke as the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths for children. On average, every 8 days a child dies from heatstroke in a vehicle. Read more about Leigh’s blog […]

What Danger lurks in your Medicine Cabinet?

It might not be what you think. We all know that we have to protect our children against taking medicines… but have you thought about what else is in the bathroom that may cause harm? Cotton swabs. That’s right! Each year, thousands of children have to go to the ER for injuries from cotton swabs. […]

Less is More (when it comes to your kids toys)v

I started listening to a podcast on my maternity leave and I love what these women have to say about many aspects of the “mom-life”. Here is a snip-it of their opinion on dealing with too many toys, which I totally agree with! Toys can so easily take up more space than they’re worth (believe […]