Kids First Pediatrics

Are you cultivating a fixed mindset or growth mindset in your child? Researchers conducted a survey of parents of school aged children to see how they show value to academic performance.. The majority of parents thought it was necessary to praise their children’s intelligence in order to give them confidence in their abilities and motivate […]

Be Happy

How we teach our children to be happy! Learning to be happy takes practice… just like soccer or anything else your child wants to do. We have our kids practice many things: how to tie their shoes, learn a new language or play a violin. I came across this in a book I am reading […]

Cut the Bull

It is a fact of life…unfortunately, that we need to teach our kids how to deal with bullies. They are not going away and cyberbullying is only increasing. Kids with siblings learn quickly how to defend themselves against normal sibling squabbles and have some protective armor, but sibling words are easier to take then so […]