Cut the Bull

  • Posted on Sep 14, 2016

cut-the-bullIt is a fact of life…unfortunately, that we need to teach our kids how to deal with bullies. They are not going away and cyberbullying is only increasing. Kids with siblings learn quickly how to defend themselves against normal sibling squabbles and have some protective armor, but sibling words are easier to take then so called “friend’s” words. There are a lot of helpful sites that will allow kids to play a game and plan how to deal with a bully. See and follow on Twitter #CutTheBull. Many schools also have bullying hotlines.

Generally, what NOT to do when someone is bullying you?

  • Don’t engage with the bully
  • Try not to show the bully that you are upset or angry
  • Don’t stay at home or try to avoid the bully if it is part of your normal day to be in class with the bully
  • Don’t keep the bully a secret- Tell your parents or an adult you trust
  • Don’t become a bully yourself or try to get even

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