Monthly Archives: April 2018


Another diet?

  • Posted on Apr 23, 2018

In the weight loss world, there is an endless cycle of diets that are touted to help you reach your goals. In the medical world, it seems there are diets to reach other goals. The

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Herbal supplements

  • Posted on Apr 19, 2018

  Nearly one in five people will take an herbal supplement and this number is even higher in children who have chronic illness. There continues to be this assumption that if it is ‘natural’ –

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  • Posted on Apr 11, 2018

An article I read recently encourages “embracing the complexity of the issue” of marijuana use in teens. It discourages “vilifying cannabis”.  My problem is that the rest of the article is spent telling about how

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Rubber Ducky may not be the friend we thought he was…

  • Posted on Apr 6, 2018

A recent article in Nature (March 2018) studied bath toys and what they found was a bit disturbing. Due to the higher temperatures and humidity in bathrooms, toys were found to have greater microbial growth.

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