What? The flu vaccine again?

  • Posted on Sep 20, 2017

Here are some updates on this year’s flu vaccine and why it should be on your child’s back to school to do list…

-This year’s flu vaccine is slightly different from last year’s– it’s been changed to cover a different strain of circulating H1N1 influenza. Several flu vaccines have been FDA approved for this year’s flu season and all of them will give similar protection for your child. Make sure your child receives a flu SHOT and NOT the FluMist.  Unfortunately for those who are needle phobic, the FluMist has not been shown to be effective and therefore, while still licensed, is NOT recommended for use this year.
-The flu vaccine is recommended for all kids six months of age and older, with very few exceptions. Even pregnant moms safely can receive the flu vaccine.
-Too early for flu vaccine? Nope!   The threat of incomplete or forgotten vaccine outweighs theoretical risk of delaying flu vaccine, so it’s best to get it now!
-In case you forgot, the flu (illness) is a week of misery, consisting of high fevers, cough and other respiratory symptoms, body aches, and headaches. Younger kids are prone to some diarrhea or vomiting or both along with these bad cold symptoms. The flu can cause dehydration and pneumonia, and sometimes death, even in previously healthy kids. Simply limiting your child’s exposure to people showing flu symptoms is not an effective way of preventing illness because people are the most contagious right before they show any symptoms.
-As in previous years, children under nine years of age need a booster dose the first year they receive the vaccine. If your young child should have received a booster dose last year, but missed it, they will receive two doses of this year’s vaccine spaced one month apart (the primary dose plus a booster dose).

You can call now (972)317-6000 to schedule your child(s) flu vaccine today!

Sarah Caudle, PA-C

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