Virtual Violence

  • Posted on Nov 17, 2016

cc1Virtual Violence is increasing in our child’s online and video game experience.  Studies are showing a significant link between exposure to media violence and the rise of aggressive behavior and thoughts and anger in our children. Parents tell me frequently that my child’s anger and frustration improved when we stopped ‘that’ video game OR limited all screen time. Interestingly, the association between screen violence and real-world aggression is greater and more solid than the association between secondhand smoke exposure and lung cancer. This is major info! We parents need to be mindful of the shows and games that our children play.  Play these games with your kids.  Get a better sense of what these games are about and how they portray violence.  If you follow Conger’s Corner, you know I play Pokémon Go.  I like that Pokémon are just captured in a poke ball (a little cage) and added to your list of Pokémon.  You also can fight in a gym.  However, your Pokémon that fight and lose don’t die they just faint…and you revive them with a little reviving device. Pretty tame! Remember, your child younger than 6 years is still having a hard time separating reality from fantasy.  They are not equipped to deal with virtual violence.   Any video game that glamorizes weapons or violence should be wiped off your kid’s screen. WE protect our kids from so much physical harm; i.e., seat belts, bike helmets, poisons.  We need to protect their growing brains as well.  They have so much other real life things to deal with…who needs fantasy that is violent?

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