Unplug this summer

  • Posted on Jul 16, 2018

  I know it’s mid-July and super hot outside. But our kids need to learn to unplug and not rely on technology or screens for entertainment. It’s never too young to set limits and manage screen time. Bad habits are hard to break, even at an early age. Try shifting your children’s/teens attitudes regarding screen usage. If not being on a device feels like punishment to your kids, they’ll learn to hate the restrictions (even though it is for their good). So make it cheerful and always include yourself. “Hey! Let’s put the screens away and play Monopoly.” Or if your kids are older, you could say “if you turn off the video games and ride your bikes to the corner store, you’ll buy them a treat”. You may even try letting your kids set their own limits, and actually set a timer, then when it beeps the screens go off. The goal is for the “screen-free nothingness” to lead to conversation and imagination, allowing your kids to wonder, play, and be creative.

Sarah Caudle, PA-C


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