Do You want to Reconsider your decision not to accept the HPV vaccine?

When the HPV (Human Papillomavirus Vaccine) first came out, we did not offer it. We talked about it, researched it and decided to hold on recommending the vaccine until more studies were out. Later, we offered it to our older patients, the ones headed for college. Now…we want everyone to get the vaccine series. Why? […]

Sugar limits

The American Heart Association has made the following recommendations about sugar limits: Children = Limit to 3-4 teaspoons per day (max 16 grams a day) Adult women/teens= Limit to 5 teaspoons per day (max 20 grams a day) Adult men/teens= Limit to 8-9 teaspoons per day (max 36 grams a day) COKE: 12-ounce can = […]

Good news or ?

Teenagers are using less drugs and alcohol. And we have no idea why. Maybe the anti-drug campaigns are working? Or maybe it’s something else… Smartphone use has grown exponentially over the last decade, the same period of time that the drug and alcohol use has declined. Scientists have various theories on how the two could […]

What’s new with School Lunches?

The nation’s obesity rate has tripled in children since the 1970’s. This is a serious problem. School lunches have long been blamed for the weight gain in children but simply changing out the French fries and pizza for broccoli and carrots is not the solution. Are there solutions? Behavioral scientists are studying how to get […]

Your baby is amazing!

We have known for quite some time that a baby recognizes the sound of his mother’s voice from the time of birth. But new information is out that goes beyond that…  Adults who were adopted as children from South Korea but raised by Dutch speaking families were able to pronounce Korean consonants after a short training […]

How To Talk To Your Children

As we start the week following the Presidential Inauguration, there is a multitude of emotions among people. TV and social media have been full of both positives and negatives and a lot of disagreement amongst people. Our children are affected by what they see and hear, so no matter what your stance on the Presidency […]

Learning Problems In Math

  Can’t add?  Hate Math? Does your child have problems in math?  Do you?  Dyscalculia is a learning difficulty in mathematics.  This learning problem runs in families.  It is not related to IQ and in fact Bill Gates has dyscalculia.  The diagnosis of isolated dyscalculia is suspected when a child is having significant difficulty in […]