Time to make your own Baby Food?

  • Posted on Jun 27, 2017

The Environmental Defense Fund did a study looking at lead. Not in paint, which is where most of us associate lead, but in our food.   The results were not good.  They looked at over 12,000 food samples from 2003- 2013 and analyzed them for nutrients, pesticides and metals.  Of the 12,000 samples, over 2,000 samples were baby food samples. Twenty percent had detectable levels of lead. The highest were in root vegetables like carrots. Crackers and cookies (teething biscuits) were the next highest, fruit (grape, apple) was the third in line. Formulas and cereals were lowest.  The amounts were small but there is no safe level of lead. And no one knows where the lead came from. Children exposed to lead can have lower IQs and behavioral problems. Remember Flint, Michigan. It’s a big deal.  We screened for lead in our patients for years…and we did not have any patients with positive tests results so I’m not too worried.  But I’m not going to discourage you if you decide to make your own baby food either….

Dr. Badaracco


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