When I was in medical school, I took an oath. Most people know about the Hippocratic oath that doctors take. I swore to help the sick to the best of my ability and judgement and abstain from wrong-doing. I also swore to not divulge what I saw or heard in the course of my profession –this was a long time before HIPAA!

  Through the course of time, I realize that the sick don’t always look like what I was taught. Not everyone has a fever or even an infection. Sometimes, they just need help. I feel that that is what this oath was really trying to say. To help others to the best of my abilities.  We have children around us that need help. So I am asking for your assistance. 

  I wrote a book. A fantasy adventure involving a reluctant 12 year old girl…and a unicorn. Not your average unicorn, this one’s not pure and gentle. No, Silenus is not quite what you might expect.  All proceeds from the book go to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County, the local organization that takes care of sexually abused children and teens. Help me. If you are a reader, buy the e-book on Amazon. If you like it, write a review on the same site. If you don’t…I will have to work even harder next time! Tell your friends. Spread the word on Facebook and anywhere else you can think of.

Help me make this go viral (did you ever think a doctor would say that!)
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PS. If this works….My next book will benefit Pediplace.