• Posted on Dec 13, 2016

Bisphenol-A, parabens and antimicrobials are banned in products used by infants and children so everything should be ok, right? After all, these chemicals can cause hormone changes in children that can lead to health problems. Problems including developmental problems, neurological, reproductive and immune issues. Everyone has seen the ‘teethers’ that are sold for babies’ tender gums that say “non-toxic” and “BPA-free”.imagesbzvedvbz

New research in the American Chemical Society Journal of Environmental Science and Technology revealed that 90% of teethers leached out BPA despite claims that they were safe. Fifty-nine different teethers were tested. They were of different varieties, some solid, some gel filled and some water-filled.

How were they tested? They were placed in water for an hour. The water was tested and found to have BPA, parabens and antimicrobials like triclosan and tricloban. These last two, you might remember, were removed from hand washes by the FDA in September 2016 due to potential health concerns. In fact, they found over 15 toxic chemicals in the teethers!

There is no precise information available that gives the risk associated with a baby’s exposure to these chemicals but researchers have concerns that children may be at higher risk for asthma, diabetes, neurodevelopmental problems and reproductive problems.

I don’t consider it worth the risk and I bet you don’t either!


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