Melatonin can be helpful for people who have a circadian rhythm issue for their sleep problem. You can use melatonin 1-5 mg for kids to help reestablish a good sleep pattern. We also want kids off electronics at the very least an hour before bedtime and, even more ideal, after the sun goes down.  The type of light emitted from these devices lowers our natural melatonin production and can interfere with sleep onset, as well as sleep quality once asleep.  Making sure kids have a regular bedtime and wake time is clearly important.  Making sure they get good physical activity everyday and some early morning sunshine will also help.  Be aware that anything with caffeine, like beverages or chocolate, can interrupt sleep problems as well.  There have not been a large number of studies in children using melatonin, but is generally thought to be safe, especially for short term use.  None of the potential concerns over melatonin use have been confirmed by any studies.  Use it as you need to -instituting the other parameters as a priority to encourage the body’s natural melatonin production.

Leigh, CPNP