Seoul Infection?

  • Posted on Nov 2, 2017

  In Dec 2016, an 18 year old female developed fever, chills, and nausea. She was seen by her doctor and noted to have blood in her urine and one of her kidney enzymes was elevated. Thankfully, she recovered.

In 2017, the CDC noted an outbreak of Seoul virus among rat breeders and owners. Symptoms included fevers up to 104, fatigue and feeling out of breath. This virus is a rodent borne virus that has been associated with a hemorrhagic fever and renal syndrome. (That is as bad as it sounds and can lead to kidney failure!) Some advice…

IF you have a rat as a family pet, please let us know as they may carry different infections than humans. The CDC recommends testing your rat for this virus. (Ask your vet? Please do not bring any rats to our office for testing! Eek!) Avoid unprotected contact with rats, their urine, their droppings and nesting materials.
Consider getting a dog next time!