Searching for the perfect gift

  • Posted on Dec 21, 2017

Until that moment, I was on top of my Christmas game.
I’d sent the packages to relatives in advance of the rush, draped lights on the shrubbery, hung a wreath on the door… and put a line through every item on my Christmas gift list. That year, I was ready.
To celebrate the season, we bundled the kids up in the back seat and took them for a surprise drive to see the Christmas lights in Farmers Branch.  My son’s eyes were wide with fascination and my daughter excitedly pointed and giggled  at the glowing displays. I squeezed my husband’s hand and felt pride at delivering such a wonderful event to my family.  The crowning moment was when we rolled down the windows and Santa approached the car. As he handed my daughter a tiny candy cane, he asked her a single question. “What do you want for Christmas this year?” She answered quickly and with some urgency. “A teacher Barbie…that’s all I want…a teacher Barbie.”
My husband and I froze (and I don’t mean from the weather). We looked at each other in confusion. There was no teacher Barbie on the list. It was mere days before Christmas. Mentally I was already punishing myself. How could I have missed this? Her voice gave away how important it was to her. I questioned her about the other items on the list…the ones I had wrapped and hidden already. She would not be swayed.  Read more on Dr.Badaracco’s blog:

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