Russian Roulette

  • Posted on Apr 18, 2017

Dr Robert Glatter, an emergency physician in New York City says that when a teenager uses a synthetic cannabinoid (marijuana) they are playing Russian roulette. Their reaction is unpredictable and can range from sedation to violent and aggressive behavior. Some teens will have seizures or flail around putting themselves at risk for bodily injuries.

So despite being labeled as a safe and “natural” this blend can cause rapid pulse rates, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, hallucinations, delusions, confusion and dizziness. Severe effects can include damage to the heart and liver, stroke, dependence and death.

And if that is not bad enough…In a large study of over 15,000 students they discovered that students that were partial to synthetic marijuana were significantly more likely to perform risky sexual behaviors. Compared to 5% of marijuana using teens, 15% of fake weed using teens had intercourse before age 13. And 38% of these same teens had more than 4 partners compared to 20% of the marijuana group.

And along with agitation and violent behavior while high, violence in general was higher in these users. More than half of the fake weed users had been in physical fights compared to 15% of marijuana smokers. (Non-users of either had a 2% risk).

Fake marijuana does not test positive on drug screens. But that doesn’t mean that it is safe. If your teenager’s behavior changes or they appear high, do a drug screen. But don’t let down your guard if it comes back negative….

Dr Badaracco

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