Those of you with little’s have quickly notice that most of the jarred baby food have been replaced by pouches in the grocery store. Now don’t get me wrong, when in a rush or on the go, the pouches are convenient less messy option. And certainly more nutritious than goldfish or some other pre-packaged snack. However, parents need to beware that they are not over-using these pouches. Make sure to continue to offer your babies and toddlers different textured foods. Make sure they are learning to grasp and pick-up their food (fine motor skills) and learning how to use a spoon and fork. Also, watch for the sugar content in these pouches and read the labels! Ideally you want low sugar, high fiber, and some protein in your little ones pouch. I specifically liked SerenityKids brand of pouches (but sadly they have to be ordered online). Try not to exceed 1-2 pouches a day! And keep offering them REAL food, all flavors and textures, you might be surprised at what they’ll eat!

Sarah Caudle, PA-C