Poop Fails

  • Posted on Aug 6, 2019

So I’ve been reading “Oh Crap, Potty Training” by Jamie Glowaki, great book to read before you start potty training your child by the way. My husband was ready to start potty training this summer, since he’s a teacher and off for the summer, so we just jumped in! I should have read the entire book first before we decided this was a good time, as we may have done things more “by the book” instead of winging it 😉 Anyways, it has made for some funny stories. So I thought I’d share them with ya’ll for a few laughs this summer.

Poop Fail #1 – Park Date:  So approximately 10 days into potty training, while in the “commando phase” I decided to take my 2 year old son to the park. It was a beautiful morning and thankfully not a lot of people there, as we were just playing on the playground when all of a sudden Cooper looked up at me and said he needed to go poop. So I said okay, lets hurry to the restroom. He took one step and the stool feel straight out the bottom of his shorts onto the ground. So I grabbed a doggy poop bag to clean it up and throw away. Thankfully no one saw 😉

Poop Fail #2:  We had been doing “okay” potty training, but pooping in the potty still wasn’t consistent. So I left Cooper in his pull-up when I brought him at child care at the gym. I figured, at least if he has an accident it is contained in the pull-up. Well, little did I know, he tried to go to the restroom by himself, which he had never done before, and of course, it was poop again. I failed as a mom in that I left my cell phone in the locker room. So it wasn’t until I heard my name being paged over-head in the gym that I rushed to my son’s aide, as he had been standing crying in the bathroom with poop EVERYWHERE! I mean, it was like a crime scene in that stall, but with poop! I gave him a big hug, and said I was sorry, then praised him for trying to go to the bathroom by himself. Then I asked the staff for some Clorox wipes.

Sarah Caudle, PA-C


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