Patient Portal FAQ

download-appWe’ve collected several frequently asked questions surrounding the new Kids First Pediatrics Follow My Health Patient Portal.

You’ll find the following support topics below:

FMH Registration Process

Registration for the Kids First Pediatrics FMH Portal is by invitation only. At your next visit, you can simply fill out a small registration sheet and return that to any staff member.

If you prefer to do this now, simply click here to request an invitation.

The Proxy Invitation email contains specific and detailed instructions for setting up your Follow My Health Account with Kids First Pediatrics. We have included a few screenshots so you can double check your progress.

1. Click the Blue Link to become a Proxy for your Child(ren).


2. If you already have a FMH account elsewhere, or for another child, click Log In and enter your credentials as normal. Otherwise, click Create New Account.


3. Choose the Green Follow My Health Shield.


4. Enter the required information and select submit.


5. Enter your 4-digit security code. This is the PARENT’s 4-digit year of birth. For example, if you were born on July 9th, 1977, then your security code will be 1977.

6. Accept the terms and conditions and wait for the system to load your account.

Using the FMH Portal

  1. Reset by entering your username.
  2. If you do not remember your FMH username or are still having problems logging on, please call the office.
  1. When you first log into Follow My Health as a proxy (caretaker), you will see your account first. To select your child’s information, click at the top of the page where you see Hello ‘Your Name’. You should see a drop-down with your child’s name which you can then click on to view their account. (SCREENSHOT)
  2. If you do not see your child’s name and they are under the age of 18, your account is not yet connected to Kids First. Click here to fill out a request. Note: Once a patient turns 18, they will sign up for their own patient portal account and will then have the option to grant a parent/guardian access within FMH.
  3. You will receive an email in the next 48 hours. Click the link to become a proxy for your children in the email, then click Log In entering your current FMH account information. Your security code will be your 4-digit year of birth.
  4. If you still are having problems viewing your child’s information, please call the office.
When you first log into Follow My Health as a proxy (caretaker), you will see your account first. To select your child’s information, hover over the icon at the top of the page. See the example below.

To Update your Demographics, Insurance Policies, Responsible Financial Party and/or Emergency Contact:

1. Select your child’s FMH account.
2. Click the blue My Info tab on the top right.

4. Click “Save” to keep the info in your FMH Account. Note: Clicking Save does not send the info to your provider.
5. Click “send” to forward the information to Kids First Pediatrics.


You must set notification preferences for each child individually. Notifications may be sent via email, text messages or through the FMH portal. You can choose to receive notifications/reminders for appointments, messages, clinical updates, or prescription updates.

1. Select your child’s account from the top.


2. Click My Account, then Preferences.


3. Click on the horizontal tab that says “Notification Preferences.”


4. Fill in your email address and cell phone number, select your wireless carrier, then click validate.


5. You will receive a code via text message. Type this code in the box and click Validate to confirm your cell phone number.
6. Select the types of reminders that you wish to receive on the right side of the page.
7. Click Save Changes.

You can schedule appointments for well-checks/physicals, consultations, or med-checks. At this time, you cannot schedule sick visits online – please call our office for this. To schedule an appointment from FollowMyHealth:

1. Log in to FollowMyHealth and select the desired patient.
2. At the top of the page, click the “Schedule an Appointment” link.
3. Select your desired provider and the type of appointment.
4. Depending on the provider and the appointment type, you may search for a specific, available appointment slot, or request one based on your scheduling/preferences.

If you have a non-urgent, non-emergency question, you may send a message to your provider. This is a great way to ask about behaviors, ADHD issues, growth, immunizations… etc. Please do not use this for emergencies. If you prefer, you may still call our office at (972) 317-6000.

1. Log in to FollowMyHealth and select the desired patient.
2. At the top of the page, click the “Send a Message” link.
3. Select your desired provider/recipient. Note: You can only send messages to a provider you have already seen.


  1. Log in to FollowMyHealth and select the desired patient.
  2. Click My Account, then Billing.
  3. Click Pay My Bill. This will direct you to the log in page of, our online billing system.
  4. If this is your first time logging in to Pay My Doctor, you can obtain the information needed to set up your account from your mailed statement or by calling the office.
  5. If you have any questions once you view your statement, you can click Ask A Billing Question in the FMH Billing screen to send a message directly to the Kids First billing specialists.

If you have specific questions or concerns for Kids First Pediatrics, please email [email protected] or call (972) 317-6000.

To view the official FollowMyHealth support website, please click here.

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