6 Effective Parenting Goals:

  1. Connect More as a Family- Many parents want to connect more with their kids, but need to make that a priority in their life to really get to know them. When we take the time to truly know who your kids are, and what they think, dream, and wish for, we get a little window into their tiny little souls!

2. Yell Less!- Many, many parents-me included- allow our angry triggers to affect us and we end up yelling at our kids. No matter how angry or frustrated we get, we can all parent with less yelling.

3. Become more consistent with rules and consequences- I’m just now starting to do this with my 2 year old, and it’s HARD! One of the biggest frustrations for parents is when our kids don’t follow our rules. It’s often because our rules aren’t clear and the consequences aren’t as consistent as they could be. Or they’re just testing you because it’s their job to test the limits. It’s our job to hold firm and be consistent with our rules. Decide on your family rules


4. Recharge and focus on self-care without mom guilt- We can’t take care of our families unless we are well… both physically and mentally. So taking care of ourselves helps us take care of our families better. With that knowledge, take the time to recharge and fill yourself up, guilt-free. Because when you’re at your best, you will be the best parent for your kids.

  1. Instill more responsibility in your kids and do less for them- No matter how old your kids are, you’re probably cleaning up after them way more than they need you to be. When we teach kids how to be independent from us, we give them the necessary life skills they will need as they get older to be self-sufficient. Doing too much for our kids can actually be a disservice to them when they’re older.
  1. Have less screen time in your house- Screens are convenient, helpful, and fun. And while there are definite advantages to them and moments where we can rely on them, science has shown us time and time again that our kids’ generation (and their parents) are becoming quickly addicted. Studies also show that kids behave better when screen are not involved in their daily routine.

    For more in depth information and examples check out this blog: https://messymotherhood.com/parenting-goals/

    Sarah Caudle, PA-C