Susan Badaracco, MD, FAAP

susan-lg2While in medical school, I was sitting in a small office jotting down notes when a toddler wandered in. Without hesitation, she climbed in my lap and looked over my papers.

Scant minutes later, a frantic mom followed her into the room. She looked relieved, instead of frightened, at finding her daughter in a stranger ‘s arms. Two things happened. One, I knew without hesitation that I wanted to be a pediatrician. There is nothing that warms the heart faster then holding a child. Two, I recognized what an honor it is to be allowed to hold someone’s greatest treasure…not to mention to be allowed to participate in their medical care and upbringing.

I love my job. I don’t always love computers but I do appreciate the connectivity it enables us to have. I sheepishly admit I am a better doctor because Dr Conger forced us into electronic medical records over a decade ago. We are more efficient and do a better job taking care of the important details. We are continuing to learn as computers offer more and more and despite the growing pains, it makes us the best we can be. Outside the clinic, I can be found running around in circles. Literally. I have been running since 1 was a teenager. Perhaps you will see me someday along the sidewalks of Flower Mound or Highland Village.

I believe in supporting both our neighborhood community and our medical community. In that spirit, I have served at various times as a volunteer at Pediplace medical clinic as a board member and doctor, the Children’s Advocacy Center as a medical director, Lewisville Medical Center as a board member, and I continue to serve as a board member at Pediatric Partners. It never ceases to inspire me to see these agencies and hospitals grow and improve over the years.

I cook and generally do a good job. I dream of having my own garden and pulling fresh produce from the plants that I raised. My past attempts at this have been mixed. I am a bit squeamish with the bug situation…don’t get me started on slugs. I am pretty happy with just having an herb garden at this point.

I love my family. My children have moved out of state and I am working on forgiving them. My daughter resides in Tulsa, Ok- a city I have grown to love. She works as a lawyer and specializes in children and adolescents. My son works in Manhattan in the financial district doing things with numbers that I don’t understand. My husband and I recently celebrated our 30th anniversary. I am making progress on his diet Coke habit as I would like to spend the next 30 years with him.

B.S. Biology- Univ of North Texas

Physician Assistant -Univ of Texas Health Science, Dallas

M.D. University of Texas at San Antonio – Alpha Omega Alpha

Pediatric Residency- Children’s Medical Center