Kalpana Kelkar, MD, FAAP

Kalpana Kelkar, MD, FAAPI’ve been a biology nerd since the 7th grade when we dissected a sheep heart. There would be a pig and a cat dissection in the years to follow that only reinforced my love for biology. After reading a Readers Digest story about a child with cystic fibrosis I was convinced that medicine would be in my future–I was convinced I would be a pediatrician.

I lived in Colorado for most of my life. I studied molecular biology in fruit-flies at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After medical school in Denver, my husband and I moved to Texas so I could do my residency at UT Southwestern at Children’s Medical Center. Both my boys were born in Irving, TX. When my oldest son was 6 months old, I started working at Kids First Pediatrics. Flower Mound has been our home since 2005.

It’s handy being a “mom-pediatrician”.

I generally don’t panic over my kids bumps and bruises. I can quickly respond to an asthma flare-up after a visit to the pumpkin-patch. I re-located my son’s elbow right after he dislocated it at the play area in Vista Ridge Mall. I know how to handle their food allergies and sports injuries. Needless to say, my squeamish husband is happy to let me handle all the medical stuff too.

Still, its hard to separate the “mom” from the “doctor” sometimes– just ask the rest of the providers at Kids First! I work with smart and well-respected colleagues who help me stay objective! Thankfully, I can rely on them to “doctor” my kids, so I can focus on just being a mom.

We, like most families, are busy! My husband is an engineer and musician– his gigs keep our weekends booked. Both my kids have music in their blood, too. So if we aren’t busy with their sporting activities, we are singing, dancing, or playing the piano or guitar. Our home is never very quiet!

When we aren’t at home, you will see us out in the community- walking, swimming, or biking. We are also an active part of the growing Indian community in Flower Mound, Lewisville and Highland Village. We are avid supporters of several community organizations like PediPlace, and the Child Advocacy Center of Denton County

To wind down, we all like to eat! My creative outlet is cooking international cuisine and making vegetarian versions for my family and friends. I also like to garden and experiment with different veggies to create new recipes. The boys like to help out in the kitchen, too — it’s quite a mess, that our two dogs like to help clean up.

Family is my number one priority and we enjoy the company of grandparents, aunts, and cousins throughout the year in our home. We are no strangers to international travel as we try hard to maintain our cultural connections and expand to gain new ones!

Kids First Pediatrics is a great place for me to find the balance between being a doctor and a mom, and I am fortunate to be part of their well-rounded healthcare team.

Curriculum Vitae
BA Molecular Biology, Biochemistry minor University of Colorado, Boulder 1995
Professional Research Assistant, Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, 1 publication 1995-1997
MD University of Colorado 2001
Pediatric Residency CMC Dallas, University of Texas, Southwestern 2004
Kids First Pediatrics 2004-present

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