Dr Samina Munis

While many people can say they’ve always known they wanted to do medicine, not many have video proof of themselves as a four year old very seriously listening with a stethoscope and putting on Band-Aids in a hospital created for all my teddy bears. My parents (an accountant and an engineer) have never been able to figure out where this desire to be a doctor came from, but since then I’ve never looked back!

I’ve lived in Dallas my whole life and after medical school at UT Southwestern, I did my residency at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. I absolutely love what I do and my husband jokes that pediatrics has always been the perfect fit for me since I’m very much a child at heart. As a parent myself, I know first-hand how intimidating parenthood can be at times. My role as a pediatrician is to not only keep my patients healthy and strong, but to also be a support and advocate for parents as they embark on the exciting journey of raising a child.