Dr Samina Munis

While many people can say they’ve always known they wanted to do medicine, not many have video proof of themselves as a four year old very seriously listening with a stethoscope and putting on Band-Aids in a hospital created for all my teddy bears. My parents (an accountant and an engineer) have never been able to figure out where this desire to be a doctor came from, but since then I’ve never looked back!

I’ve lived in Dallas my whole life and after medical school at UT Southwestern, I did my residency at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. I absolutely love what I do and my husband jokes that pediatrics has always been the perfect fit for me since I’m very much a child at heart. As a parent myself, I know first-hand how intimidating parenthood can be at times. My role as a pediatrician is to not only keep my patients healthy and strong, but to also be a support and advocate for parents as they embark on the exciting journey of raising a child.


If you are concerned your child may have COVID-19 symptoms, please call the Catalyst hotline at 214-964-0319 or visit the website at catalysthealthnetwork.com/coronavirus where you can take a symptom screening assessment.  If criteria for testing is met, call us and we can arrange for testing at a drive through site.

As always, our top priority is providing high quality, accessible healthcare to our patients and families.  When appropriate, we are offering telemedicine/virtual visits to continue to provide care for our patients in the safest way possible.  We are also continuing to do in office visits for well exams and acute visits that require an examination. To ensure your safety, we are following the CDC guidelines for sanitizing rooms and equipment and are immediately bringing patients back to waiting rooms to minimize exposures.  We remain committed to meeting the needs of our patients and ensuring your children continue to get the care they need.