Dr Samina Munis, MD, FAAP

Dr Samina Munis, MD, FAAPWhen I was little, I wanted to be an actress. I loved taking plots out of the books I read or movies I watched and putting myself and my little sisters in the lead roles, the more dramatic the better. During one of our “career building” sessions of watching music videos and copying the dance moves, my middle sister somehow slipped, fell, and dislocated her knee. As if by reflex, I knelt next to her and pushed it back into place. After that I remember thinking to myself, “If I don’t become an actress, maybe I should become a doctor.” Well, clearly the acting thing didn’t work out and here I am!

I was born in Plano and have lived in Dallas my whole life, from high school to college to medical school at UT Southwestern and residency at Children’s Medical Center. I’ve always been drawn to children from the start of my career and I absolutely love being a pediatrician. My husband jokes that it’s the perfect fit for me since I’m very much a child at heart. My specific areas of interest within pediatrics include preventative medicine and mental/behavioral health.

As a parent of two kids less than two years apart, I know how intimidating parenthood can feel at times. I’ve learned a lot going through the first-hand experiences of sleep training, teething, begging my kids to eat something green, potty training, and dealing with tantrums in the middle of Target myself. But I also know that I wouldn’t trade being a working mom for the world! My role as a pediatrician is to not only keep my patients healthy and strong, but to also be a support and advocate for other parents as they embark on the exciting journey of raising a child.

When I’m not working, I’m always staying busy with my family and friends. My parents instilled an appreciation for the outdoors in me at a young age and I love camping, hiking, and exploring the gorgeous state and National Parks of our country… now with a baby carrier strapped to me! I still love to dance as much as when I was a kid and use it as my way to exercise and stay active. And with any time that’s left, I’m working on random crafts, scrapbooking, and home improvement projects inspired by Pinterest.


Undergraduate Degree – Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Texas at Dallas
Medical Degree – MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, TX)
Pediatric Residency – UT Southwestern / Children’s Medical Center (Dallas, TX)
Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric

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