Dr. Rachana Parikh, MD, FAAP

At age 12, my plan was to become a storm chaser. Unfortunately, all of the hours I spent watching the weather channel and the movie Twister didn’t prepare me. As my family drove through a terrible thunderstorm during a road trip to the beach, I found myself covering my ears, wrapping a pillowcase around my eyes like a blindfold, and tucking my head into my lap. My fear eclipsed my fascination, and I realized I needed a different career plan.

During college, I joined a group that tutored grade school children. Their playful energy, curiosity, and innocence were contagious! Except when they were sick. (Then, just their germs were contagious!) I quickly began to notice how much their health affected their mood and ability to learn. With every sniffle, cough, or sore throat, I thought to myself “I wish I could help!” It turns out, I could! I chose to become a pediatrician.

In my practice, I value a team approach – a partnership between myself and staff, patients with their guardians, and pediatric specialists. I’m excited to join Kids First Pediatrics, to support our community’s children, and to help propel them from a healthy childhood to a healthy adulthood. My specific medical interests include preventative medicine and childhood obesity.

Outside of work, I am the sous chef to my husband’s head chef. We make a good team in the kitchen, even though he occasionally transforms into the Indian Gordon Ramsay if the sum of our parts doesn’t measure up. (He will even do the English accent for a more animated effect!) We are also passionate about traveling. We’ve been fortunate to visit Mexico, China, Australia, Costa Rica, and Greece together, and we hope to see much more of the world in the future! When we’re at home, you can find us playing with and spoiling (I mean, training) our new puppy, Izzy!

Fun fact:  My maiden name is Dixit.  When I became a physician, my motto became “Dr. Dixit will work to fix it!”  


Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science, Emory University – Atlanta, Georgia
Medical Degree: MD, Medical College of Georgia – Augusta, Georgia
Pediatric Residency: UT Southwestern Children’s Medical Center – Dallas, Texas
Work experience: MacArthur Pediatrics – Irving, Texas
Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics
Diplomate of American Board of Pediatrics