Morgan’s Wonderland Park

  • Posted on Aug 29, 2017

  I can’t believe I have not heard of this place.  Seriously.  Right in Texas!
Morgan’s Wonderland Park is the world’s first theme park for Special Needs kids. It is completely accessible for wheelchairs and includes rides and playgrounds and special attractions.  It was opened in April 2010 by a father who wanted his daughter to have somewhere she could be accepted for who she is. It’s definitely a money losing proposition. Children who have special needs are allowed free admission and the prices are purposely kept low for families so that finances don’t get in the way of fun! Donations have always helped support the park.
  The goal was to provide a safe, clean and beautiful environment and it looks like they succeeded.
Want to hear what’s really cool? The kids, of course. Children with and without special needs playing together, in all the different areas. Showing the world how we are supposed to treat individuals with special needs.
  You can find more information at
Please forward this on to someone you know that might not have heard about this cool spot in San Antonio!

Dr Badaracco


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