Learning Problems In Math

  • Posted on Dec 8, 2016


Can’t add?  Hate Math?

Does your child have problems in math?  Do you?  Dyscalculia is a learning cc-facebook-template2
difficulty in mathematics.  This learning problem runs in families.  It is not related to IQ and in fact Bill Gates has dyscalculia.  The diagnosis of isolated dyscalculia is suspected when a child is having significant difficulty in acquiring math skills, yet is performing at grade level or higher in all other areas.

  Through a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation, a test for dyscalculia at has been made publicly available free of charge. The assessment is quite entertaining and provides a quick assessment of one’s aptitude for numbers. This test, which can be given as early as 2 years of age, simply asks you to decide whether there are more blue dots or yellow dots in a field that is being briefly flashed. Try taking this test yourself.
The management of children with dyscalculia is based on each individual.  Early recognition and counseling are key strategies to success.
To learn more about the accommodations that are suggested at the college level go to  This site provides extremely useful information for those diagnosed with dyscalculia who are entering institutions of higher learning.

In addition, this site helps teachers teach children with dyscalculia

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