It’s an Epidemic!

  • Posted on Sep 13, 2018

The FDA is considering banning flavored e-cigs due to concerns that a huge amount of teenagers are using these nicotine devices. The result, as you would predict, will be more and more teenagers becoming addicted to nicotine. Teenagers, as we’ve pointed out before, have a higher risk of addiction compared to adults. The FDA has sent warning letters to stores that sell e-cigs to under-age vapers and has started to even impose fines. One of the biggest manufacturers is JUUL and it, along with other manufacturers must report to the FDA within 60 days of their plans to address the dramatic rise in teenagers using these devices. JUUL is already being investigated for their marketing which appears to be towards younger users. At first, these devices were promoted as helping adults smokers decrease their cigarettes. Instead, with flavors like mango and mint, we are seeing a rise in teen users. And the amount of nicotine in these devices can be higher than traditional cigarettes. That’s a big problem. Outside of addiction, e-cigs can affect the immune system and cause inflammation in the lungs…just like traditional cigarettes. E-cigs have less cancer containing molecules but vaping can still put you at risk for chronic lung disease later in life.

 Talk to your teenagers. Let them know the risks.


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