An article in the Journal of Neuroscience noted differences in the brains in teenagers that had even very low levels of marijuana use.  Teenagers are using marijuana a lot.  Since it’s been legalized in some states, the attitude about this drug has changed and most people don’t think its a big deal. But we don’t really know…do we?  Until now we haven’t seen or studied the effect of marijuana use on teenagers.  The report says that during teenage years the adolescent brain is more vulnerable to the effects of THC. That’s a big problem.

In a study of fourteen year olds with just 1-2 instances of marijuana use, they noted a difference in the posterior cingulate, medial temporal lobes, lingual gyri and cerebellum—regions involved in emotion, learning and forming memories.  The article says that 35% of American 10th graders have reported using cannabis …and this is likely leading to long-term neurocognitive effects.  Can you believe it?  Using marijuana once….or twice….can change a teenager’s brain.

I’m watching as more studies come out but in the meantime, we better take this seriously.