How to Stop Bullies

  • Posted on Jul 25, 2017

  As parents we feel defenseless over events that take place at school. But did you know that you can have an impact?  If you talk to your kids, tell them to get involved if they see a bully…chances are, they will. About 1 in 10 children are victims of bullies. Kids that were told to “stay out of it” were less likely to help (not a surprise) and more likely to become bullies themselves. Kids that were told that getting involved was the right thing to do…did step in.

  So what is going on? Researchers think that the message of “staying out of it” was actually making the situation worse. Children did not realize that watching, laughing or cheering makes the situation worse…even if they did not physically participate. They lacked empathy for the victims, did not believe what was happening was actually that bad.

  Parents can play out scenarios of bullying with their children and give them a chance to think how they would respond if they saw it. It allows them to practice what they would do…hopefully involve an adult.

This summer is a good time to have that talk. Before it happens.



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