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Action Steps for Good Sleep Hygiene

  • Posted on Feb 1, 2018

Sleep may be the most important tool nature uses to grow a child’s brain. During sleep the brain makes new connections, stores memories, and repairs cells. There is even something called sleep-dependent learning, which means

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Is this flu shot working?

  • Posted on Jan 29, 2018

It’s too early to know how effective this year’s vaccine is. Early reports said it was only 10% effective but more recent reports are more promising. In Pediatric News, an author (Kristina Bryant MD) published

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I need help

  • Posted on Jan 19, 2018

They told me that he didn’t bother to stop at the front desk.  He barreled through the door to the back office and stood with a tiny bundle in his hands.  “I need help…my baby’s not breathing

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Preventing germ spread at the doctor’s office

  • Posted on Jan 17, 2018

Pediatricians are notorious germaphobes. When I sat down for lunch with a pediatrician whom I hadn’t seen for years, we greeted each other by simultaneously offering each other hand sanitizer. The last thing we pediatricians

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Eat your peas.

  • Posted on Dec 28, 2017

A Canadian study revealed that families that eat together regularly have children who are more physically fit, drink less sodas and have better social skills. Oh, and they have less behavioral problems. Could it be

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And now this…

  • Posted on Dec 26, 2017

I guess I should have predicted this. Teens can self harm in a variety of ways. The latest is digital.  About 6% of teens have posted anonymously online something hurtful about themselves. This was discovered

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The best is yet to come

  • Posted on Dec 22, 2017

   I admire my girlfriend’s never ending optimistic attitude toward life. She signs all her letters with Frank Sinatra’s song lyrics, “The Best is Yet to Come.” Says the same thing when the girls get

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